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Don’t let your joy be stolen. Instead, Rejoice.

The Struggle

There are many ways to look at the world. Many ways to look at it’s problems.
And a great many disparate solutions to those very same problems.
In a sense, the only thing we may have in common is a simple matter of intent.
We all want the best.

But the enemy is simple. His intentions are the opposite of ours.
He uses the things we love. He uses the things about which we are passionate.

Against us.

Even if our cause is righteous. Even when our aim is precise. And even if our facts and figures are correct in their indications.

It could be all for nought. Especially if we leave a foothold to be used.

Against us.

The Fight

So why let him?

There may be a time and place for banners, slogans, and campaigns.
But maybe fighting the cause of evil is more simple than we often make it.
Even worse, we may work against our own best intentions. Particularly if we begin to use these things as instruments of hostility toward our counterparts.

So don’t be distracted by the labels we apply to ourselves and others.
Again, we all want the best.


Instead, rejoice for the things you love. Celebrate the people in your life.
And don’t allow it to be spoiled by the things for which you’ve chosen to fight.


Because love wins.


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