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The more I learn about and use it, the more I’m convinced that it is perhaps the coolest scripting language of all.


I had a week off from work, and how did I use it? I finally learned Object Oriented Programming, something I’ve intended to do for almost 12 years now. Here’s what I made.

Giving Thanks

People are quick to focus on the inequity of generations past. Never mind that they don’t have the benefit of modern enlightenment, nor that we owe a fair deal of gratitude to our predecessors for the things we enjoy today. Today, my prayer is that as a people, we’d be…

Battle Flags

Battle Flags by Zach Charo Lyrics: Maybe you have the words to say to change a mindTo tell them what should and what should not be counted crimeBut without your words to them, you’re not an endorserYou play the judge and enforcer So you profess that you know the wayYou…

Worst WordPress Practices

Here are a few articles I’ve written for the Pressable blog: WordPress Best Practices: Less Is More